Welcome to my website. I created this website to fiddle with WordPress. This site provides a dabble of my professional, artistic and academic life. Some of my artwork, including computer assisted and computer generated artwork is shown. I decided not to show my best art. Recently, I added photographs of city parks and the urban landscape around Scarborough and downtown Toronto. I have also added some samples of my past software development. Thus, a number of Java applet screenshots are presented and a link to the Bubble Sport applet is included. The applets were designed while I attended college. For projects in the Web IT field, I have added images of six sites that I played with recently and I included links to some of them. As stated, I developed this website. All development work was done entirely within the WordPress Content Management System.

I have attached my resume under the work experience link.

My current career objective is to work as a software developer.

I have a post secondary education from two institutions located in Toronto, Canada.

To gauge what others are thinking about issues that interest me, I have added a polls widget on the home page. To view all my polls, please visit the polls archive page.

Anyone who has traveled to Alberta’s National Parks will appreciate the images I have posted on the Fun Stuff page. I have an everlasting appreciation of Canada’s nature. Canada is truly one of the best places to live.

Feel free to contact me by the contact form. I placed a link to the contact form under the home menu item, above the search box and in the website footer. Or you can also click here.

I am in the process of completing a set of Canadian Native artists’ portraits. I was inspired by the legacy of Norval Morrisseau and the Woodland Artists that evolved with him. I have completed ten portraits with more to be done. Currently they are for sale through the Mishibinijima Art Gallery on Manitoulin Island. Click here to view them.